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We proudly offer a long 5 year warranty for residential work and 3 years warranty on commercial work and rental place.

The durability of a refinished surface depends mostly on the proper care and maintenance the user gives to the fixture. This is true for both brand new or refinished surfaces.

We cannot prevent dust from settling onto the newly refinished surface, as we are not working in a 100% dust free environment. Regular cleaning will remove or make the dust particles less noticeable.

Any scratching, deterioration of the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear. 


Blistering, Peeling, Cracking and Fading caused by a defect in the product or workmanship will be covered under warranty under the terms of the warranty. If the surface blisters, peels, cracks, or fades, the OBR Tub Gloss. must be notified of such defect immediately. Please retain warranty to facilitate warranty repairs. OBR Tub Gloss will inspect the problem area and determine whether the resulting damage was caused by a defect in the product or workmanship. If Buyer notifies v. within the warranty period of any aforesaid defects in the materials and Buyer shows the materials were used and maintained in accordance with OBR Tub Gloss recommendations and standard industry practice, OBR Tub Gloss will cure defects by suitable repair at its own expense.


Excluding (but not limited to): chipping, scratches, stains, or knife marks due to misuse or abuse of surface, discoloration due to bleaches, dyes or acids, perfumes, solvents and/or problems caused by leaky plumbing or rust damage. Sharp or heavy objects may cause damage to the surface. The use of harsh agents such as Comet, Ajax, or bleach may discolor or damage the surface. Plumbing leaks onto the refinished surface will eventually cause damage. Any damage to the surface resulting from improper cleaning, excessive use, and/or leaky plumbing is expressly excluded under this warranty.

Stains caused by hair dyes, chemicals or rust, are not covered by this warranty. 

There is also no warranty on rust, or the repair of cracks and holes.

Bubbling or peeling due to chipping created by objects or materials placed on the reglazed surface.

Example: Replacing the drain after re-glazing the surface


Seller's employees' oral statement does not constitute warranties, shall not be relied upon by Buyer, and are not part of this agreement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description stated here. Cure of the defects, in the manner and for the period of time provided above, shall constitute the Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy with respect to the product. Warranty is for the original Owner/Buyer and is only transferable when the original Owner/Buyer writes OBR Tub Gloss to transfer warranty to new owner of said warranty.


1. Customer uses Comet, Ajax, Kaboom or other abrasive cleaners.
2. Customer uses acids, toilet bowl cleaners or any product not designed specifically for bathroom fixture cleaning.
3. Customer uses scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper or other gritty object to clean the tub.
4. Customer uses tools, ladders or other heavy objects in the tub, or dropped on the tub, or knocked against it.
5. Staining or discoloration from chemicals, bleaches, rust, hair dyes or the use of abrasive cleaners.
6. Degradation of refinished surface caused by lack of cleaning.

If any problems occur, "OBR Tub Gloss” must be notified within 72 hours or warranty may be voided.

PLUMBING: Our workmen are not plumbers. They are not trained, equipped, licensed or authorized to do plumbing. If they remove or replace any pipes or fixtures at your request, it is done solely as a courtesy and the responsibility for any damage is yours.

Our workman may, under certain circumstances, find it necessary to remove loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces, or overflow covers. In those cases, we will be responsible for those items unless the age or general decay of pipes or fixtures makes this impossible. Please inform our workman or the estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition, so that we can take special precautions or leave it completely undisturbed.

CURE TIME: The fixture must cure for 24 Hours after the time our workman finishes. Do not use the fixture during this time and see to it that the refinished/repaired areas remain free of water. Full cure time is 7 to 14 days.

We have a 3-year limited warranty on the following:

- Repairs fiberglass bathtub

We have a 1-year limited warranty on the following:

- Shower bases and all sinks (bathroom)

We are not responsible for accidents. 

OBR Tub Gloss does not warranty KITCHEN sinks