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We take pride in being able to provide high quality service, while maintaining the small business passion for our work. We believe in our product as well as our workmanship, and will stand behind it 100%. No job is insignificant, and our job is not complete until the customer if fully satisfied. Contact us today, and let us help with all your bathtub refinishing needs!

OBR Tub Gloss provides the finest bathtub decoration services in all of St. Louis, Missouri. Bathtub restoration is a process that gives the entire bathtub a completely new finished look. This includes restoring an old bathtub or shower, and repairing damage, especially if the bath has become too difficult to clean. Our coating will refresh the surface of a worn, damaged bath to a completely new state! We provide services for the restoration of bathtubs, which includes the restoration of various types of bathtubs, such as plastic, steel, or cast iron.

How do we work? (The process)

The majority of companies that “SAY" they fix tubs, just cover the dirt with the coat of paint. Your tub looks great until you start using it. This thin and toxic cover, peels off in a year, BUT NOT WITH US! Our product is durable, odorless, enameled paint – “Liquid Tub Liners”. We cover your tub within 4 hours and already, the next day you can use your new tub. Without dirt and repairs, annoying fixer- uppers that try to reap you off. Just imagine – no chaos. After we leave you won't even know we were there, only clean and fresh tub that will bring you joy for a long time. Totally safe for your family because it has no toxic smell or properties.

So, step by step…

Step 1

We start with removal of all the rust and other damages. If there is silicone we'll clean it up for a denser fill on the joints.

Step 2

If there are any holes, we'll fill them up using fiberglass material with epoxy covering and when it dry out We’ll cover it with putty. We'll grind it till it smooth. In like manner we fix chipped surfaces or cavities on the corners, so you won't see them anymore.

Step 3

Now we wash the fat tub coating and any other dirty spots that might prevent applying the paint. We use regular cleaning solutions or a special acid for removing a grime.

Step 4

Dry tub we cover with the scotch tape covering the overflow and the drain so that paint could not get there. We also cover the floor with the scotch tape, to prevent paint getting on your tiles.

Step 5

Alcohol. This is critical for finishing the tub, to clean the residue of fat and other dirt. Thus pain is better stays on the tub.

Step 6

Applying Liquid Tub Liner. After mixing the paint and the hardener, we have 30 min. To cover the tub with the composition. Pouring and evenly distributing the paint we're achieving a flawless cover.

After the paint dry, we remove the leftovers and opening the overflow and a drain. After that you'll have to wait 24 hours for it to dry completely and your tub will be ready for use.

As you can see, we use a meticulous approach to restoring tubs. Non of the listed steps seem less important to us. Thanks to that we do not have unsatisfied customers, and percentage of warranty cases is close to a zero.

Our covering is very durable and retains it's excellent appearance for many years. Paying once you can forget about this problem for more than 5 years. Stylish and neat appearance will be a great addition to your bathroom. The majority of your friends will not even notice that your tub had been redone and painted.

Check out more pictures of our process of restoring and refinishing bathtubs in our picture gallery.