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The process of restoration (repair) of the shower base is done by pouring material onto a previously prepared surface.

If the shower base has been damaged, ruined or lost its original appearance, then it can be restored to its original look, uniformity and shine. This is possible thanks to the high quality material used by the specialists at OBR Tub Gloss to restore the shower base.

Our material is very adhesive, which allows it to securely adhere to any prepared surface. Elastic and flowing, yet dense at the same time, the material fills in and covers all the irregularities and imperfections of the surface of the product, leaving behind a perfectly smooth shiny surface of a uniform white color. The renewed coating can last up to 10-15 years. It is a very durable material that will retain a recently renewed  look for years to come.

Unlike bathtubs, shower bases are subject to heavy loads. Usually shower water pours on one spot, which can destroy the surface. But this won’t happen after the shower base restoration process with OBR Tub Gloss! Since our coating is waterproof, splashes of water (hot or cold) won’t affect the surface of the shower base. It won’t peel or crack for many years.


To get a quote for the restoration (repair) of the shower base, call us or send a picture by filling out the contact form:

It is important for us to know the size, shape, amount of damage, and the material of the shower base in order to give you the most accurate quote for shower base restoration.