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Repairing bathtubs by installing an acrylic liner is quite common, although it cannot be called durable and reliable.

If cracks appear on the liner, then the bathtub becomes unusable and even dangerous. Breaking the liner can cause dangerous black mold and bad odor. Over time, the liner begins to sag and may eventually crack. Water can easily get between the bathtub and the liner and accumulate there.

Installing the liner is significantly more expensive than refinishing the bathtub. Approximate price ranges from 1000-1500 dollars for installing the liner.

How do we work? (The process)

Before restoration of the bathtub can be done, the acrylic liner must first be removed from the bathtub. This work requires care and effective protection of hands and eyes.

Our specialists at OBR Tub Gloss do an excellent job with this task.

After removing the liner, it will be necessary to remove the various materials that were used to mount the bathtub liner and silicone from the surface of the bathtub. Then, the bathtub surface is thoroughly cleaned and sanded. After that, the surface of the bathtub will be inspected for chips and other defects. If such defects are found, then they will need to be repaired.


Our material is very adhesive, which allows it to securely adhere to any prepared surface. Elastic and flowing, yet dense at the same time, the material fills in and covers all the irregularities and imperfections of the surface of the product, leaving behind a perfectly smooth shiny surface of a uniform white color. The renewed coating can last up to 10-15 years. It is a very durable material that will retain a recently renewed  look for years to come.


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