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Chipping on the bathtub is damage that appears on the surface due to strong impacts or hard objects falling on it. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common problem.

Why should the chipping be repaired?

It is necessary to repair chipping on the bathtub. It spoils not only the appearance of the bathtub, making its surface less beautiful, but can also be dangerous. The uneven surface of the chip is a favorable place for bacteria to appear. It will constantly accumulate water and grime, which will contribute to the emergence and development of microorganisms. Also, chipping aids the process of corrosion and surface destruction of the bathtub.

What problems are caused by chipping on the bathtub surface?

- Development of bacteria

- Further degradation and corrosion of the bathtub surface

- Causes the appearance of a mesh of tiny cracks in which dirt will get

- The chipping can be sharp

- Rust can appear

What to do?

The most correct option, from the point of view of both practicality and aesthetics, is to cover the entire bathtub.

Here are a few reasons why:

-  The aged enamel will differ in color from the snow-white repaired spot. Therefore, although the result of the repair will be durable, the appearance of the whole bathtub will not be perfect and will not be pleasant to look at.

- A complete restoration of the bathtub not only creates a perfect glossy finish, but also protects it from further possible damage, thanks to the high quality enamel used by the craftsmen at OBR Tub Gloss.

OBR Tub Gloss repairs chipping of any size and depth.

Rust: why is it dangerous?

Rust is the biggest enemy of steel bathtubs. If this process is not stopped in time, then the next step will be to replace the bathtub.

Rust often appears near the drain and in places where water constantly drips, for example, if your plumbing or tap is leaking.


We offer you an effective, long-term solution to this problem. In this example, you can see that rust has begun to attack the surface near the drain.

This is a common problem with older bathtubs. An OBR Tub Gloss specialist has thoroughly removed the rust, sanded the surface and refined it. After that, the bathtub was completely painted. Now rust will no longer spread because water no longer penetrates there.


Cracks and holes

A common problem with plastic bathtubs, liners, plastic shower bases.

It’s enough to drop a heavy object for a crack to appear.

For more information about bathtub liners, see:

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What if your bathtub is cracked? How to fix a crack in a bathtub or shower base?

Repairing a crack is not an easy task and is quite labor-intensive. Therefore, we advise you to turn to professionals. Specialists at OBR Tub Gloss fix cracks and holes of any complexity.

Call us today and send us a photo so we can give you a bathtub renovation estimate:


What is the process used to repair a crack?

-The first step is to carefully clean the edges and walls of the crack. The result should be a smooth surface that cannot be felt at all

- After that it’s  necessary to degrease the surface.

-Next, we apply epoxy resin, onto which we glue several layers of fiberglass. We level the surface with a putty with fiberglass (Bondo Glass Reinforced Filler)

-We wait until it dries completely and re-level the surface so that it is even.